Leica Laser MicroDissection Scope (LMD 6500)

The LMD6500 is ideal for standard laser microdissection applications, e.g. reliable single cell or tumor isolation from soft tissue sections.  It’s direct real-time laser cutting with “Draw and Cut” tissue ablation mode enables user to collect interested sample directly from a special coated, energy absorbing glass slide.  Laser microdissected samples can be collected by gravity to 0.2 ml (ID = 4.6 mm) or 0.5 ml (ID = 7.0 mm) PCR tubes without contamination.  The field of view at 5x magnification is 1.6 mm x 1.2 mm.
To purchase LMD Slides, call 866-830-0735 (Leica):
Glass foiled PEN (2.0 u) slides (Poly Ethylene Naphthalate) catalog # 11505158
Framed foiled PET (1.4 u) slides (Poly Ethylene Terephthalate) catalog # 11505151
Specification for Laser: Max. pulse energy: 70 µJ; Pulse frequency: 80 Hz; Wavelength: 355 nm; Laser aperture control: Yes; Section tissue thickness: 8 um is the best.
Specification for Fluorescence: The scope is equipped with an EL 6000 (mercury metal halide lamp) external light source and 4 filter cubes: LMD (RGB), A4 (360 nm), L5 (480 nm), and TXR (559 nm).  User can choose any fluorophores from DAPI to Texas Red.