Kuali Protocol Management
Report Animal Welfare Concerns

Purpose of IACUC

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), appointed by the President of USU, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Animal Welfare Act policies and procedures are followed. All faculty, staff, students and cooperators using USU facilities are required to adhere to federal standards for the use of animals in research, teaching, and training. The validity and effectiveness of programs that use animals will be the best possible when high quality animals receive quality care in a properly designed and managed animal facility.

It is contrary to University policy and standards of ethical care to misuse or mistreat animals. If you have concerns regarding the use or care of animals associated with Utah State University please contact the IACUC office. Individuals reporting animal welfare concerns are protected by the University “Whistleblower” Policy (Policy 407.7.5). Reporting may also be anonymous if you desire. The IACUC will investigate all reports of animal misuse.

Utah State University Whistleblower Policy:
407.7.5 University employees who receive or learn of an allegation of scientific misconduct will treat the accuser with fairness and respect and, when the allegation has been made in good faith, will take reasonable steps to protect the position, confidentiality, and reputation of the accuser and other individuals who cooperate with the university against retaliation. Likewise, university employees who receive or learn of an allegation of scientific misconduct will treat the respondent with fairness and respect. In both instances, university employees will protect, to the maximum extent possible, the confidentiality of information regarding the accuser, the respondent, and other affected individuals.