Obtain a CHPC Account
CHPC Hardware Purchases

About HPC

USU provides access to high performance computing resources through the University of Utah’s Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC). The CHPC is located in Salt Lake City; a high bandwidth link between the Logan campus and the CHPC supports rapid data transfer.

The USU High Performance Computing facility is being maintained, but the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is no longer investing in new hardware for this facility. Future investments in high performance computing hardware will be made at the CHPC, which we believe will provide a more comprehensive set of resources to meet the computational needs of our faculty and students.

USU faculty and students have the same access rights and privileges at the CHPC as do University of Utah faculty and students. Any USU faculty can get an account at the CHPC; students can get accounts that are linked to a faculty member’s account. Information about getting a CHPC account is here.

Accessing CHPC Resources When You Have an Account

The CHPC provides allocations to users on a quarterly basis. Those allocations, which are provided at no cost, make use of ‘free’ cycles (cycles on hardware purchased by the CHPC, or by users, that are not being used by whoever purchased the hardware). If you get an account during a quarter, you can still apply for a quick allocation during that quarter. Jobs that are running on free cycles may be interrupted if the person who purchased the hardware submits a job.

If you purchase hardware that is installed at the CHPC you will have primary access to cycles provided by that hardware, and your jobs will take precedence over other jobs that either currently running or waiting to run. Information about purchasing hardware at the CHPC is here.

The USU Office of Research and Graduate Studies will invest in hardware purchases at the CHPC to provide an allocation that can be used by USU faculty and students. A USU CHPC User Advisory Group will make decisions about how that allocation will be divided among USU users.