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Research is exploration. Research has been conducted by the most notable individuals within human history, i.e. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, etc.

Research opens the world and allows new discoveries to be made. The iPhone was invented as a result of research. Dipping Dots was created by a graduate student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Dipping Dots marketing campaign centered around “Ice Cream of the Future.” The application of liquid nitrogen in ice cream was so revolutionary at the time.

Research can also lead to improvements in peoples lives. Research surrounding concussions and head injuries has impacted sports and sports equipment. It’s impacted policies and protocols now put in place within major league sports.

Research leads to discovery, and discovery can lead to change!

Yes. Here at Utah State University, we pride ourselves on our research capabilities. Students can become involved in research at any point in their undergraduate career. You’re always welcome!
By adding your own research projects to your coursework, you understand concepts better. You gain more interest and insight into your field of study. You learn problem solving, leadership and communication skills in a way that you can’t get in a lecture hall.
Utah State University’s Undergraduate Research program began in 1975. Since that time, it has continually been improved. During the 2015 fiscal year, Utah State received 232 Million in research funding. Utah State University consistently has student researchers present at UCURNCURPosters on the Hill in Washington D.C. and other discipline specific conferences. Utah State University has made research a key core to its success.