The Undergraduate Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for Utah State University students to be directly involved in research throughout all four years of their collegiate career. Undergraduate Research Fellows are given an annual $1,000 stipend, renewable upon performance and are paired with a mentor who will discuss and assist students with their research. Fellows are frequently invited to attend research conferences and present research of their own at these conferences. URFs are also given preferential treatment in research funding. Being a URF  provides you an opportunity to network and build friendships with the best and brightest students of Utah State University. The Undergraduate Research Fellowship program holds multiple social and training events each year and provides students with the opportunity to interact with their peers and learn about the research conducted by others.

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Utah State University’s Honors Program works hand-in-hand with the Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Together, these programs highlight and complement a student’s academic life. Honors and the Undergraduate Research Fellowship provide opportunities for students to conduct research, explore their field, network with professionals and acquire key skills within their discipline.

To be considered for an Undergraduate Research Fellowship, a student must first be accepted to the Honors Program.

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