Licensing Opportunities

Technology Transfer Services protects, licenses and commercializes intellectual property developed or enhanced by Utah State University’s world-class faculty, students and staff. The following technologies are some of USU’s most promising commercialization projects.

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GOX and Nitrox Hybrid Green Rocket System

A “green” hybrid rocket thruster has been devised by USU researchers as an alternative to more commonly used propellants such as the monopropellant hydrazine and cold gas thrusters.


Enterovirus D68 Mouse Model

A mouse model for the human enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) provides an animal model to use in the testing and experimentation of disease treatments.


MultiCamera Lecture Capture System

The MultiCamera Lecture Capture System is an educational technology that allows distance education students to view the whiteboard with an unobstructed view.


Anti-Splash Pad

The anti-splash pad uses mechanical engineering technology to reduce splashback from urinals, creating a more sanitary environment.


Green Rockets

Green rockets use a hybrid small-satellite fuel system that is equally powerful, less toxic, more stable and more environmentally friendly than standard fueling systems.


Monolithic-like Flexures

With applications ranging from aerospace engineering to biomedical technology, monolithic-like flexures allow machines to move or be moved while ensuring intended productivity.


Solar Tracker

This solar tracker allows the trajectory of the sun to be calculated and built into the tracker during manufacture of solar panels and concentrators.