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Federal Government Shutdown


Notifications from Agencies regarding the Resolution of the Government Shutdown:

Oct 2, 2013

For Federally Funded Researchers US Federal Government Shutdown
— UPDATE –– Day 2

Deans & Department Heads --

As a few of us suspected the loading of proposals into Grants.gov could become problematic due to no forwarding of proposals on to the agencies and a building backlog in the system.

NIH yesterday guided all prospective grant applicants to NOT submit paper or electronic grant applications to NIH during the federal government shutdown.

Revised changes to NIH submission dates will be announced once the government is operational again in the future. This notice, NOT-OD-13-126 ( http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-13-126.html) issued yesterday gives extended details to NIH grant recipients and all faculty holding NIH funding or serving in NIH peer review processes are urged to review the update.

NSF has announced on it's site that once normal operations resume, guidance will be issued regarding deadlines or target dates that fell during the federal government closure. All NSF panels scheduled during shutdown will be rescheduled. If you are doing an Ad Hoc review for NSF, you will not be able to submit that review via FastLane. Details regarding the NSF agreements, grants and contracts during shutdown can be found at http://www.nsf.gov/outage.html

We have had one agency send one of our faculty members an equivalent "Stop Work Order" that was written in a cautionary tone. If your faculty are contacted with an agency directive that even implies an agency hesitation to cover costs during the federal government shutdown, please share that with our Division of Sponsored Research (Kevin Peterson). We will review with the faculty member and the unit an interpretation of the directive.

Again, in general faculty that have received federal funding with a formal letter of award in hand should have no worries in continued use of those funds during the federal government shutdown.

Please share this with your faculty researchers.

Mark R. McLellan, PhD | Vice President for Research & Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Utah State University |1450 Old Main Hill | Logan, UT  84322-1450

Subject: Federal Government Shutdown on USU Federally Sponsored Research

Oct 1, 2013

Deans & Department Heads ---

We are now in a federal shutdown, programs involving federal agencies could be significantly interrupted. The RGS Office will attempt to stay abreast of the changing environment. Various federal agency's plan are available at:


It is our understanding that with a shutdown, grant and contract work previously authorized by federal sponsors should continue to be executed as planned.

If you have been directed by an agency with a "Stop Work Order" or equivalent notification -- you should cease work immediately on the project. Please contact our office right away for assistance and guidance.

Otherwise, work and spending on awards already formally awarded to the University should continue without any changes. Be aware that virtually all agency personnel will not be available for approvals, questions or other administrative functions.

It is our understanding that Grants.gov will remain functional to only receive grants but not process them on to the agencies. The deadlines for NIH solicitations appear to remain valid during the shutdown. However, for NIH applications the Grants.gov system will only accept and store applications. It appears that applications will not be processed further until such time as the authority and funding to return to normal business operations are restored.,/p>

We have been guided that NSF Fastlane, Research.gov and NIH Commons will not be fully operational. NSF solicitations whose deadline occurs during a shutdown will likely need to be rescheduled. At this time we have no guiding information regarding other agency RFPs.

Of Special Note: Spending on yet to be funded awards (including continuing or incremental funding) not yet FORMALLY received (award letter in hand) is of concern and should be considered with great care by the PI, the Department Head and Dean. We presume that during the shutdown no continuing or incremental funding will be issued. It is also unclear as to how agencies will handle this gap once operations resume.

Please share this with your faculty researchers.

Mark R. McLellan, PhD | Vice President for Research & Dean of the School of Graduate Studies

Utah State University |1450 Old Main Hill | Logan, UT  84322-1450

For agency specific guidelines see the links below: