Degree requirements vary by department. Consult the Graduate Catalog or contact your GPC to learn about your program’s degree requirements. Before starting your thesis or dissertation research, work with your GPC to complete all necessary academic forms.

Thesis/Dissertation Requirements

Publication Requirements

The Word Template contains editable title pages and front matter.

Submission Requirements

When you’re done editing your thesis/dissertation and your committee has approved it by signing your title page, submit it for review to the School of Graduate Studies.

At the same time, you should also submit all of the following documents to your Graduate Program Coordinator/Department Reviewer. Your paper cannot be checked into the School of Graduate Studies queue for review until all of the following forms are completed and submitted.

If you formatted chapters in accordance with a particular journal, please also submit to the School of Graduate Studies a sample(s) of target journal styles in PDF format.

You must also submit a completed Electronic Thesis/Dissertation form to the library. Directions for completing and submitting this form are on the form. When the form has been completed and signed, email a copy of the signed form to your Graduate Program Coordinator/Department Reviewer.

If you want your thesis/dissertation embargoed, you must submit a signed physical copy of your paper to the library along with an Embargo form.

You’ll also want to check out final semester information for other deadlines and requirements.