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Project Description

Supervisory Committee Approval

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Students Who Need This Form

Professional/Plan C students should talk to their department about the need for this form.

Due Date

Master’s students: By the end of your second semester.
Doctoral students: By the end of your third semester.

Signatures Needed

  • Student
  • Major professor
  • Committee members
  • Department head


A Supervisory Committee Approval form confirms the individuals who will serve on your committee.

When completing the form, follow instructions on the second page of the form. No changes can be made to a Supervisory Committee within the six weeks prior to your final defense.

You, your major professor, committee members, department head and the School of Graduate Studies dean will receive an email notification from DocuSign, an electronic signature service, to review and approve the Supervisory Committee Approval form. Once all signatures are obtained electronically, all parties will receive a final email from DocuSign with a completed form.

Doctoral Committee Requirements

A doctoral degree supervisory committee must include five faculty with doctoral degrees who are approved by your department head and college dean, not the School of Graduate Studies dean. Three members must be from within and at least one must be from outside your department or interdepartmental degree-granting program.

Professional/Plan C Requirements

If you’re a Professional/Plan C student, ask your department if a Supervisory Committee Approval form is required.

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