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Project Description

Program of Study

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Due Date

Enter your Program of Study in DegreeWorks by the end of your second or third semester, after the Supervisory Committee Approval form. Processing time varies depending on the volume of Program of Study forms in the queue.

Signatures Needed

  • Student
  • Major professor
  • Committee members
  • Department head
  • School of Graduate Studies

Form Instructions

Only Graduate Program Coordinators should fill out the signature form. If needed, students should fill out the revision form.


The Program of Study is a contract between you, your committee and the School of Graduate Studies outlining which courses you will take to meet the School of Graduate Studies requirements and complete your degree program.

Log into Access Banner and enter your Program of Study into the “Plans” section of DegreeWorks, then notify your Graduate Program Coordinator that your Program of Study is entered. Do not submit the Program of Study directly to the School of Graduate Studies. The Graduate Program Coordinator in your department will review the Program of Study and submit it to the School of Graduate Studies for processing.

You, your major professor, committee members and department head will receive an email notification from DocuSign, an electronic signature service, to review and approve the Program of Study. Once all signatures are obtained electronically, all parties will receive a final email from DocuSign with a completed Program of Study.

Revisions to a Program of Study can be made by contacting your Graduate Program Coordinator who will update the courses listed in DegreeWorks and submit a Program of Study Revision form to the School of Graduate Studies for processing. You, your major professor and department head will receive the Program of Study revision and follow the reviewing and signing process for the new version.

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