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Student Resources

Global Engagement

Office of Global Engagement

A resource to all students, the Office of Global Engagement coordinates study abroad trips, and provides networking opportunities between domestic and international students. If you want to get to know someone from a different area or experience a new culture, view the Global Engagement site.

Utah State Therapy Dogs

Disability Resource Center

The Disability Resource Center helps students in a variety of ways. If you need more time to take a test or need an interpreter for class, the DRC can assist you in arranging those accommodations. They also assist in gaining special permissions for uses of recorders, therapy dogs and other aids in a class setting.

Access and Diversity

Access and Diversity Center

A way for students of varying backgrounds to connect, the Access & Diversity Center provides resources for nontraditional students, multicultural students, and LGBTQA students. If you want to know what resources are available to you, or want to meet new students visit the center.