Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility

Located on Utah State University’s Innovation Campus, the USU Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility is designed and staffed to optimize large-scale development and production of bioproducts and raw cell material. The facility provides production capabilities for university faculty, researchers and students as well as private industries through state-of-the-art equipment and technical support, including a world-class fermentation facility.

A primary purpose of the fermentation lab is to generate substantial quantities of biomolecules for commercialization and scale-up performance evalutation. The capabilities of this facility enable scale-up optimization of fermentation bioproducts that can be grown and analyzed under a variety of growth conditions for maximum product yield and quality. Lab design also allows room to add additional equipment as demand increases.


Available for contract manufacturing and equipment use, the Synthetic Biomanufacturing Facility offers a range of lab to pilot scale fermenters for process development, testing and production. Two New Brunswick BioFlo Pro 400 liter fermentors allow process optimization with a variety of setup options and data collection resources. A 100 liter New Brunswick BioFlo 610 fermentation system, which is also steam-in-place capable and fully automated, is available as a stand-alone or seed reactor. For cell and product recovery, several sizes of centrifuges and tangential flow filtration devices are available.

MaxQ 6000 Thermo sci. incubator (1)
Innova 4300 incubator (1)
2L reactor w/ BioFlo 115 system (2)
4L reactor w/ BioFlo 310 system (1)
10L reactor w/ WP winpact system (2)
100L reactor w/ BioFlo 610 system (2)
400L reactor w/ BioFlo Pro system (2)
Steris SV-116 Scientific prevacuum sterilizer (1)
Steris SV-120 Scientific prevacuum sterilizer (1)
Amerex HV 110 autoclave (2)
Lynx 6000 centrifuge (1)
CEPA Z-41 continuous bowl centrifuge (1)
GEA Westfalia continuous stacked disk separator (1)
GEA NS3006H homogenizer (1)
Spectrum Labs KTF 1000 tangential flow filteration system (1)
Thermo-Fisher NanoDrop 1000 spectrophotometer (1)
Spectronic 200 spectrophotometer (1)
Labconco FreeZone 6 lyophilizer (1)
ÄKTA chromatography systems (2)
ThermoFisher Vanquish Flex HPLC with DAD (1)
Leica ICC50 microscope (1)
Jenco BK-211 microscope (1)
Steris reliance 400 laboratory glassware washer (1)
Thermo-fisher E-Pure Type 2 water purification system (1)
Walk-in refrigerator (1)
Freezer (1)
Ultra Low Revco freezer (1)
NUAIRE bio safety cabinet (2)
Model 1335 thermo biohood (1)

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Research Engineer
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Research Technician
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