The 2018 Student Research Symposium will be Thursday, April 12, 9-5 p.m. in the Merrill-Cazier Library.

The Student Research Symposium is Utah State University’s largest showcase of student research. SRS both celebrates student research and improves each student’s ability to communicate their research.

Each April during Research Week, SRS provides space and resources for over 300 graduate and undergraduate presenters to share their research with peers, faculty judges and the campus community through experience, evaluation and training.

Each student gives an oral or poster presentation about their research findings while judges provide feedback and scores. Presenters with the highest scores in each category win awards.

Congratulations to the 2017 SRS Awardees





Jocelyn Cuthbert, Life Science Discipline
Amanda Hagman, Social Science and Education Discipline
Tyler King, Engineering Discipline
Nguyen Vo, Physical Science Discipline
Camille Wynn, Social Science and Education Discipline
Trevor Bird, Engineering Discipline
Justin Campbell, Social Science and Education Discipline
Jessica Griffeth, Art and Humanities Discipline
Jordan Lee, Physical Science Discipline
Bret Mossman, Life Science Discipline
Cody Patton, Art and Humanities Discipline



Emma Bullock, Social Science and Education Discipline
Cynthia Hanson, Engineering Discipline
Heather Jones, Physical Science Discipline
Daphne Rodriguez, Life Science Discipline
Mohammad Shekaramiz, Engineering Discipline
Jonny Britt, Physical Science Discipline
Ligia Frangello, Engineering Discipline
Bethany Jensen, Engineering Discipline
Zak Konakis, Social Science and Education Discipline
Emily Speas, Life Science Discipline
Meg Turner, Art and Humanities Discipline


Administrators, faculty, staff and students are invited to participate by attending the poster and oral presentation sessions. In addition to discovering the incredible work USU students engage in every day, audience members enrich the experience by interacting with the presenters, helping them further develop their ability to convey the importance of their work.

Faculty judges are a critical part of the event. If you’re a USU faculty member and you’re interested in helping to judge a session or two, please contact Scott Bates, Associate VP of Research and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.