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Facilities & Administrative (Indirect Cost) Rates

Cognizant Agency Contracting Officer:

David F. Godfrey, Contracting Officer
Office of Naval Research (ONR)
875 North Randolph Street, Rm. 373
Arlington, VA  22203-1995

Voice: (703) 696-2586  
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Utah State University F & A Rates (Agreement Date: May 17,2013)

These rates are effective July 01, 2013, for all new & revised sponsored program activities.

Type From To On Campus Off Campus Base Applicable To
Fixed 07/01/13 06/30/14 38.84% 18.81% (a) Organized Research (1)*
Fixed 07/01/13 06/30/14 38.62% 16.37% (a) Organized Research (2)**
Pred 07/01/13 06/30/14 52.59% 26.00% (a) Instruction
Pred 07/01/13 06/30/14 23.47% 15.99% (a) Other Sponsored Activities

Base: (a) Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC)

*Organized Research (1): Applies to all Non-DoD Instruments, all DoD Grants and to DoD Contracts awarded before November 30, 1993.
**Organized Research (2): Applies to only DoD Contracts awarded on or after November 30, 1993 in accordance with and under the authority of DFARS 231.303.

When an RFP calls for a calculation of the lesser of Total Federal Funds or our Institution's Federally Negotiated Rate see this link for how to calculate the lower of the two rates.