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Research Matters 2010

 Despite the hardships produced by the recession, last year brought positive milestones for USU research. These achievements attest that USU research is not just surviving, but is paving the way for recovery and growth in the state for years to come.


USU faculty members are preparing and submitting more research proposals for external funding than ever before. These grants are vital, as they infuse new money into classrooms and labs across campus. USU is working to enhance research opportunities with a newly created Proposal Writing Institute, which is assisting researchers in the proposal process and helping to create interdisciplinary partnerships.


Results of some USU research are becoming tangible inventions, as patents and startup companies continue to increase, even in the difficult economy. USU’s continued involvement with the Utah Science, Technology and Research (USTAR) initiative will bring even more benefits to the state, as the Veterinary Diagnostics and Infectious Disease team and two others join USU’s six other USTAR centers.


In 2009, the Office of Global Engagement was established, coupling USU’s international education and research programs and bringing them to the forefront of the university agenda. Utah State has a century-old legacy in international research, and this new office will further accelerate researchers’ ability to bring their ideas and discoveries to the world.


This year, we will recognize more good news, as USU’s undergraduate research program—the second oldest in the nation—celebrates its 35th anniversary and reinforces the certainty that education and research are inextricably linked.


Of course, USU research requires state, federal, and private support to be successful. In this year’s Research Matters, you’ll read about projects that are making communication systems more reliable, improving local food businesses, reducing fear of criminal victimization, and creating the next generation of energy independence. These programs thrive with broad-based support.


I hope you’ll enjoy learning about the far-reaching impacts of USU’s research on our state’s educational and financial futures. We appreciate your interest in and support of Utah State.





Brent C. Miller, PhD
Vice President for Research