The Proposal Writing Institute (PWI) is the annual, intensive training workshop offered each Spring by the Research Development division that is designed to assist researchers in learning the tools and techniques to develop high-quality proposals. The PWI features a small-group setting, allowing for individualized attention, and participants actively work on a proposal during the workshop sessions that they will ultimately submit to an external funding agency at the conclusion of the Institute.

Applications Available December
Completed to Dean’s Offices Varies by College
College finalists forwarded to Research Development Mid-February
Applications notifications sent Early March
PWI Sessions May – early June
Completion of all PWI requirements Within 1 Year
A comprehensive approach to the proposal development process will be achieved during the Institute through presentations, discussions, and small-group activities. Some of the Institute topics include: finding funding; developing a proposal outline from the RFA/RFP and agency guidelines; creating timelines for proposal development; analyzing aims/objectives; building budgets based on project tasks; mock review panel(s); and understanding the proposal submission/resubmission process.
USU researchers eager to learn how to write better proposals for external funding of their research are invited to apply. New researchers are especially encouraged but applications are also welcomed from established faculty who may be less experienced in developing proposals for external funding consideration or simply want to improve their efforts. Priority is given to faculty who are in tenure-track positions.
Participants will be provided $2,500 for their successful completion of the Institute. Full attendance of all Institute sessions, completion of proposal-related assignments, and constructive participation in small-group activities is required to receive the first half of the payment ($1,250), which will be processed at the end of the Institute session. The remaining $1,250 will be paid to participants when a copy of the final proposal, a peer review of the proposal, and proof of submission is provided to Research Development (must be within 1 year of Institute).
Acceptance to participate in the Institute is a competitive process requiring the submission of an application and support of the faculty member’s department head/dean/center director. Approximately 12 participants are accepted for each annual Institute. The Dean’s Offices collect applications from faculty and rank their top three applicants, which are then forwarded to the Research Development division for final selection. The top candidate from each college is automatically admitted to the Institute, with the unoccupied Institute spots filled based upon the strength of the remaining applications.

The application period for the 2017 Proposal Writing Institute is now closed.

PWI Alumni

Curious about what the PWI is like? Contact a previous participant to find out what you will learn and do.

Applied Sciences, Technology & Education

Lindsey Shirley (2010) (no longer at USU)

Animal, Dairy & Veterinary Sciences

Jong-Su Eun (2009)

Clay Isom (2010)

Zonda Wang (2012)

Heloisa Rutigliano (2013)

Jeff Mason (2014)

Aaron Thomas (2015)

Kara Thornton-Kurth (2016)

Matthew Garcia (2017)

Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning

Bo Yang (2011)

Ben George (2016)

Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences

Korry Kintze (2009)

Marie Walsh (2012)

Carrie Durward (2015)

Clara Cho (2017)

Plant, Soils & Climate

Andrew Kulmatiski (2013)

Yoshimitsu Chikamoto (2017)

Art & Design

David Wall (2017)

Dean’s Office

Raymond Veon (2014)

Theatre Arts

Matt Omasta (2011)

Economics & Finance

Benjamin Blau (2011)

Tyler Brough (2011)

Communicative Disorders & Deaf Education

Julie Wolter (2010) (no longer at USU)

Lisa Milman (2012)

Stephanie Borrie (2015)

Debbie Golos Schmitz (2013) (no longer at USU)

Brittan Barker (2016)

Sarah Leopold (2017)

Family, Consumer & Human Development

Ryan Seedall (2014)

Travis Dorsch (2015)

Instructional Technology & Learning Sciences

Brett Shelton (2009) (no longer at USU)

Anne Diekema (2011) (no longer at USU)

Yanghee Kim (2013)

Kinesiology & Health Science (formerly Health, Physical Education & Recreation)

Breanna Studenka (2015)

Lori Anderson (2016) (no longer at USU)

David Bolton (2017)


Kerry Jordan (2009)

Rick Cruz (2017)

Special Education & Rehabilitation

Sarah Bloom (2010) (no longer at USU)

Scott Ross (2011) (no longer at USU)

Kathleen Oertle (2015)

Teacher Education & Leadership

Dicky Ng (2010) (no longer at USU)

Amy Wilson-Lopez (2015)

Ryan Knowles (2016)

Biological Engineering

Soonjo Kwon (2009) (no longer at USU)

Jixun Zhan (2010)

Charles Miller (2011)

Yue Cui (2013) (no longer at USU)

Elizabeth Vargis (2015)

Yu Huang (2017)

Civil & Environmental Engineering

John Rice (2011)

David Rosenberg (2011)

Bethany Neilson (2012)

Kevin Heaslip (2012) (no longer at USU)

Marc Maguire (2014)

Ardeshir Ebtehaj (2016) (no longer at USU)

Alfonso Torres-Rua (2017)

Computer Science

Haitao Wang (2013)

Kumin Lee (2014) (no longer at USU)

Young Woo Kwon (2015) (no longer at USU)

Tung Nguyen (2017)

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Koushik Chakraborty (2012)

Tam Chantem (2013) (no longer at USU)

Ryan Gerdes (2013) (no longer at USU)

Rajnikant Sharma (2015) (no longer at USU)

Engineering Education

Oenardi Lawanto (2010)

Wade Goodridge (2014)

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Dhirendra Kubair (2010) (no longer at USU)

Ling Liu (2014)

Nicholas Roberts (2015)

Kohei Fujimoto (2016) (no longer at USU)

Ryan Berke (2016)


David Francis (2015)

Zuri Garcia (2016)

Jaqueline Neid-Avila (2017)


Lisa Gabbert (2010)

Shane Graham (2010)

Languages, Philosophy & Communication Studies

Kristina Scharp (2016)

Political Science

Damon Cann (2009)

Kai He (2012) (no longer at USU)

Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology

Amy Kate Bailey (2011) (no longer at USU)

Christopher Morgan (2011) (no longer at USU)

Maggie Zraly (2012) (no longer at USU)

Peg Petrzelka (2013)

Bonnie Glass-Coffin (2014)

Environment & Society

Ann Laudati (2009) (no longer at USU)

Zhao Ma (2012) (no longer at USU)

Jordan Smith (2017)

Watershed Sciences

Jiming Jin (2009)

Karin Kettenring (2009)

Patrick Belmont (2011)

Janice Brahney (2017)

Wildland Resources

Juan Villalba (2011)

Julie Young (2016)


Zach Gompert (2016)

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Sean Johnson (2009)

Joanie Hevel (2012)

Tom Chang (2012)

Edwin Antony (2013) (no longer at USU)

Leo Chen (2014) (no longer at USU)

Yujie Sun (2014)

Nicholas Dickenson (2015)

Leo Liu (2017)


Tammy Rittenour (2010)

Carol Dehler (2011)

Dennis Newell (2013)

Kelly Bradbury (2017)

Mathematics & Statistics

John Stevens (2009)

Chris Corcoran (2010)

Nghiem Nguyen (2012)

Guifang Fu (2013)

Andreas Malmendier (2017)


Shane Larsen (2009) (no longer at USU)