RMC PT-XL Ultramicrotome can be used for the preparation of ultra-thin sections for electron microscopy.  Automatic sectioning thickness range is from 50 nm up to 1 µm.  This unit is equipped with a stereo microscope for a clear view of the sample and knife edge.  Biological samples have to be chemically fixed, and embedded in a resin block. The ultra-thin sections, usually with lateral dimensions of ~ 1 mm x 1 mm, can be collected on a TEM grid for electron microscopy.  It is also possible to collect the thin sections on a microscope glass slide for optical microscopy.

Glass Knife Maker

The GKM-2 glass knife maker uses commercial glass strips with normal length of 200 mm and 6 mm in thickness.  Glass squares are first produced from glass strips by breaking the strip into 25 mm glass squares.  The squares are scored nearly exactly diagonally, as close to 45° as possible, to create knives of maximum sharpness for the microtome sectioning.