Quanta FEG 650 Charge: Effective July 1, 2018

These rates do not include sample stubs, fixation chemicals, and other consumables.
Please contact facility manager for Training sessions, if you plan to become a qualified user to run your own samples.
Qualified user defined: a user who has passed tests and is authorized to use the instrument with minimum assistance.  Only qualified user can access online scheduling.
Re-qualification is required if the user has not operated the instruments 6 months or more.

Option 1: Membership
Anyone who expects 24 hours or more SEM time during the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) should consider paying a membership fee of $1200/yr.  MCF staff provides the user training, if the individual has not been qualified.  Note that the membership is individual-based not group-based.  Membership only covers the member’s own projects.  If the member performs microscopy for other’s project, a hourly charge will be applied.

Option 2: hourly charge
$50 /h for instrument usage in a 15-minute unit.
$300 for training to become a qualified user. It usually takes 8-10 hours to be qualified.

Class demo:
The facility manager provides class demo free of charge to support classes covering the topic of electron microscopy.   A demo request must be submitted by the course instructor to facility manager at least two weeks before the requested demo.  Please note that equipment at MCF cannot be used as a part of regular laboratory curriculum in a course.
Class project:
Faculty who wish to use the Facility for non-exploratory class/students projects must submit a class project form to the Facility Manager at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the proposed work.  A total of 10 hours of microssope time can be provided to one class free of charge.  If more time is needed the instructor has to provide an account number to pay for regular hourly charges.  Class projects must be run by the staff or a qualified user.

Hourly charge
$50 /h: for instrument usage and training.
Hourly charge
$80 /h: for instrument time and tech support.

Sample Preparation The Facility Manager must approve the prepared samples and may disallow samples that are not stable and could damage the instrument. The Facility staff will prepare samples for commercial customers at the posted rates for these technicians.

Scheduling: In general, all commercial work will be carried out by Facility staff at the posted rates.  Training is available for frequent instrument user.  Commercial work will be scheduled with the Facility Manager.  Please call: 435-7978560 or email: fenann.shen@usu.edu for appointments and questions.

Consumable and other Charges

Gold or Gold/Pd (60:40) coating: $15/run up to 10 nm thickness.

Carbon coating: $15/run up to 4 minutes.


hold up to 12 (size <= 7 mm) specimen, or 10 (diameter 9-13 mm) glass cover slips, or 5 (size 1cm x 1cm) die, or 1 (size 1 inch large capacity) holder.

Material Unit price
SEM 12.7 mm pin mount $0.28
SEM storage tube for 12.7 mm pin mount $0.48
SEM 25.4 mm pin mount $1.75
SEM storage tube for 25.4 mm pin mount $3.14
SEM Paper storage box $0.70
SEM large storage box and holder $10.00
TEM lacey grid $3.00
EBSD 1 inch epoxy mount $2.00
CarbiMet abrasive paper $1.50
Micro cloth, 8 inch $6.00
Micro cloth, 12 inch $8.00
Trident cloth, 8 inch $9.00
Polishing Diamond suspension, 9, 3 and 1 µm $5.00
Polishing Alumina suspension, 0.05 µm $2.00
Vibratory Polishing suspension, Alumina or Silica $17.00
Aqueous Glutaraldehyde EM Grade 50% , 10mL $4.40
HEPES Buffer, 12 g powder $32.90