Quanta FEG 650 Charge

These rates do not include sample stubs, fixation chemicals, and other consumables.
Training sessions are scheduled at the 3rd week of each month.  Please contact facility manager for detail
Qualified user: a user who has passed tests and is authorized to use the instrument with minimum assistance.
Re-qualification is required if the user has not operated the instruments 6 months or more.

Choose either hourly charge or membership
Option 1: hourly charge
For the user who does not wish to become member, hourly charge applies
$60 /h: Instrument time and tech support.
$30 /h: Instrument time for the qualified user.
Option 2: Individual user Membership/fiscal year: $300
Anyone who needs 10 hours or more SEM time should become a member.  Member is responsible for the first 10 hours of instrument time within the fiscal year, which must be pre-paid. Instrument time after the first 10 hours will be underwritten by RGS office. MCF staff provides the user training. The member will perform his/her own work after training.  All student projects must be sponsored by a USU faculty member who certifies that the work is a legitimate research project and that it does not involve commercial work, as defined in the member agreement. Any work that benefits a commercial (for-profit) entity must be supported by funds to pay for instrument time at the appropriate commercial rate. Undergraduate research (under various course titles such as Research, Senior Project, Independent Study, etc) is treated the same way as graduate/staff research. Therefore, either the faculty, department, college, or University should support the MCF membership of the students involved or non-member fees for the SEM operation.

Class demo: No fees
The facility manager provides class demo to support classes covering the topic of electron microscopy.   A demo request must be submitted by the course instructor to facility manager at least two weeks before the requested demo.  Please note that equipments at MCF cannot be used as a part of regular laboratory curriculum in a course.
Class project: No fees
Faculty who wish to use the Facility for non-exploratory class projects must submit a class project proposal to the Facility Manager at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the proposed work.  Total projects in a class should not consume more than a total of 8 hours of the equipment time.  Only the qualified user can operate the instrument.

Hourly charge applies
$60 /h: Instrument time and tech support.
$30 /h: Instrument time for the qualified user.
Hourly charge applies
$60 /h: Instrument time and tech support.
$30 /h: Instrument time for the qualified user.

EMS-150T ES Charge

Gold/Pd sputter coating: $10/run up to 10 nm thickness.

Tousimis Autosamdri-931 Charge

$10 per run.

Material cost

Material Unit price
ISEM 12.7 mm pin mount $0.28
SEM 25.4 mm diameter pin mount $1.75
SEM storage tube for pin mount $0.48
SEM Paper storage box for pin mounts $0.70
TEM lacey grid $3.00