Important Notice

It has come to the IRB’s attention that protocols that have been submitted to us by the research team are not reaching our queue. To ensure that yours has, please be sure that the status on your dashboard matches the status within the protocol itself.

If your dashboard indicates that a protocol is presubmitted (screenshot 1), but you open the protocol and it says the protocol is new (screenshot 2), that means we have not received it.

Screenshot 1

IRB Protis Presubmitted Protocol

 Screenshot 2

IRB Protis Protocol

If your protocol is under review and your protocol status within the protocol does not match the protocol status on your dashboard, please contact the IRB Office ASAP. If you can provide screenshots of your dashboard and the protocol itself, that would be helpful in allowing our programmers to pinpoint the problem.

Please note that even if Protis has generated an email confirming that you have submitted your protocol, we may not have received it. The only way to ensure our receipt is to be sure that your Protis dashboard and your protocol status bar match.

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