Protocol Review Processes

Most human subject research conducted on USU’s campus does not require Convened IRB (Full Board) Review.  All non-exempt protocols filed in Protis will first be sent to a scientific reviewer serving on the Institutional Review Board. The reviewer, in conjunction with IRB Office staff, will make a determination regarding whether the protocol can be reviewed through the Expedite procedures. If so, the review process should take approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

Which protocols must come to the convened IRB? Any research which:

  • constitutes greater than minimal risk to participants in the opinion of the IRB reviewers or Chair;
  • does not fully align with the Expedite Review categories (Ch. 3) defined by the Office of Human Research Protections;
  • involves prisoners; or
  • contains a controverted issue that cannot be resolved between the scientific reviewer and the IRB Office staff.

For those protocols needing Convened IRB Review, complete applications must be received at least 4 weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting. During that time, you will work with the IRB Office to resolve any minor issues regarding the protocol, and it will then be assigned to the IRB no later than one week before the next scheduled meeting. If you submit sooner than four weeks prior to the upcoming meeting, we will make every attempt to have the protocol reviewed at the next meeting but please note that agendas for meetings often fill quickly and in advance.

Exempt and Course Research protocol submissions typically take two to four weeks for approval. Amendments are reviewed within ten business days. Requests for Determinations of Non-Human Subjects Research are usually responded to within two business days of submission.

2017 – 2018 Dates and Deadlines

Meeting Date Submission Deadline
Dec 5 Nov 5
Jan 9 Dec 9
Feb 13 Jan 13
Mar 13 Feb 13
Apr 10  Mar 10
May 8 Apr 10

The convened IRB meets during the summer semester on an as-needed basis, and as permitted by our members’ availability.