Valentine’s Day, what do you love?

It’s February, the month of love. Valentines and roses have been staring at us from every cash register we’ve encountered since New Year’s. You may have noticed a Valentine’s Day troll or a Valentine’s Day frog trying to convince you it’s what you need to show your loved ones you really care. You may have also been tempted to buy your weight in chocolate and drown any of the potential sorrows you may have that your life isn’t quite what you expected yet. But, before you give in to the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, consider first why it’s worth celebrating the things and the people you love, and consider what you love.

For me, I tend to keep my feelings to myself as much as possible. I don’t like to own up to liking, let alone, loving something or someone. Typically, my response is, “That’s fine” or “That’s cool.” Nothing that elicits too much emotion, but still can be considered a socially acceptable response. Having said that, how great it is to have a day to celebrate what you love! If you love science, celebrate science. If you love foreign films, watch one or ten. If you love ice cream, I hope you eat an entire carton. I hope you spend not just Valentine’s Day, but the whole month of February doing and celebrating what you love, and if you’re not sure what you love, now’s your chance to find out.

So, what do I love? That’s an excellent question!

I love hiking!

I love enjoying the beauty of the outdoors while getting my heart pumping and feeling the sun on my face. I’m even okay with the dirt and the sweat that inevitably accompany my journeys up the mountain.

I love spending time with the people I love!

Now this isn’t solely restricted to immediate family members or significant others. I love spending time with my coworkers who listen to me for twenty-minutes about my most recent date. I love spending time with the people I just met in line as we both wait to get into the Spectrum for the Charlie Puth concert. I love talking with the people who climb up the same hill I do to get to campus, and I love commiserating together about how we’re going to die going up or down and how the snow needs to stop! I love spending time with the people who make Utah State special.

I love being involved!

We’re not all going to be a club president. We may not even be a club member, but we can all get involved in something that interests us. Whether it’s playing on an Intramural team, writing for the Utah Statesman, volunteering as part of SNAC, etc. we all have ways to get involved and promote meaningful change within our community and within ourselves.

I love learning!

Utah State and this time in our lives provide us with so many opportunities to learn something new. Want to learn how to reduce your stress? Come to a workshop hosted by the Counseling and Psychological Services office. Want to learn how to play Quidditch in the muggle world? Come join the team. Want to learn a skill from InDesign to Photoshop to Excel, now’s the time and there are many willing individuals to help you. Don’t limit yourself now because of fear. You have every opportunity at your fingertips.

I love having fun!

Whether that means building a snowman on the Quad or making a snow angel in my yard, or whether that means singing the Scotsman just because I can, I love having fun and being random and putting adventure first.

I love being an Aggie!

I love being an Aggie, and I hope you do too! Tell me what you love about Utah State and what you’ll be celebrating this month of love!