USU campus, home away from home

While attending Utah State, you may find campus becomes your home away from home. That said, it’s important to know where some key buildings are and what each facility has to offer you.

The Taggart Student Center (TSC)

The TSC is often seen as a building only for undergraduates, specifically freshman. However, in the TSC you’ll find three dining options: the Hub, the Marketplace and the Skyroom. You’ll find a computer lab open until 1 a.m., Monday through Thursday. You’ll find a copy center where you can print off your posters for conferences, your CV, resume or any other important documents. You’ll find a Zion’s Bank, a Wells Fargo ATM, a post office, a barber shop, and the TSC is where most on campus clubs and organizations are located. By familiarizing yourself with this building, you’ll be kept up-to-date on all things Utah State.

The Merrill-Cazier Library

The Merrill-Cazier Library will most likely become your home away from home. With computer labs, digital archives, special collections and the BARN, you may never want to leave. Merrill-Cazier Library holds more than 1,590,000 print documents. In addition to this, it subscribes to more than 200 online databases and has access to more than 44,000 electronic journals. When it comes time to write your thesis, this is where you’re going to want to be.

The Aggie Recreation Center (ARC)

The ARC fulfills all of your workout dreams. This facility is exclusively for students. With three levels, there are treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, stationary bikes, weights, and so much more. There’s also plenty of court space for you to play basketball, volleyball, futsal, racquetball and so much more. Take advantage of this state-of-the-art facility and burn off your stress in healthy ways. You don’t even need to bring your student ID card. Just come with your A number and your handprint, and you’re ready to go.

The Student Health and Wellness Center

Located at 850 E. 1200 N. in Logan, the Health and Wellness Center is a vital resource for students. At the center, you can receive comprehensive medical exams and testing. You can receive immunizations and vaccinations, and you can discuss your health care needs. The Health and Wellness Center staff can help you navigate birth control, safe sexuality, substance abuse, nutrition needs, etc. All services are available to all students, regardless of insurance coverage. To learn more or to make an appointment to see a physician, visit the Health and Wellness center website.

Agricultural Science Building

Buildings with Gender Neutral Restrooms

Need Directions?

In addition to these facilities, your lab or the facility housing your department and college will become very important to you. If you need help finding your way around the rest of USU’s campus, visit the USU Campus Map.