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Tuition & Fee Schedules

Applying for Utah Residency

When you have been in the state long enough, you may want to apply for Utah residency to qualify for in-state tuition.

The following four requirements must be met for a residency application to be approved:

  1. Student must be a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States, and be admitted to Utah State University.
  2. Student must obtain a Utah Driver’s License, Voter Registration, and Vehicle Registration.
  3. Student must live in Utah for 12 continuous months (with a 30 day-exception maximum)
  4. Student must be declared financially independent

Note: If a student is out of Utah to complete a degree program requirement (e.g. an internship or doing research), the time spent out of Utah does not count against the requirement to live in Utah for 12 continuous months.

Applying for Utah Residency Checklist