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Spooky sprits and local haunts!

Spooky sprits and local haunts! The month of October isn’t just about plastering your life with pumpkin spice. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the season for ghosts, goblins, sprites and spooks. Luckily, Logan has a rich history of all things that go bump in the night and Utah State University folklorists have been [...]

Live music in Logan

The best places for live music in Logan Greetings and salutations! So, you’ve decided to include Utah State University in the next chapter of your life and it’s time to get settled in Logan. Or, perhaps you’re not committed quite yet and you’re curious about what the surrounding area has to offer. Hopefully, this post [...]

7 Fun & Affordable Summer Activities for Families

7 Fun & Affordable Summer Activities for Families Among many things, Cache Valley is known for its family-friendly atmosphere. There are many affordable and free programs with activities for families of all ages and sizes. Here are the top seven most popular summer family activities.  1 Logan City Parks and Recreation Whether [...]

Exploring USU’s Family Resources

Exploring Family Resources Whether you're looking for family friendly activities or child care, families tend to easily find a niche in Logan. Logan is also rated as one of the safest cities in Utah. Looking for Childcare? Care About Childcare is a great resource for parents looking for childcare! On [...]

The Cost of Living in Logan

The Cost of Living in Logan So you’ve heard back from all your graduate programs, and Utah State University accepted you. Congratulations! But now that you know where you can go, you have to decide where you want to go. Is Logan the place for you? Probably, and here’s why: besides being named the [...]

5 Affordable Weekend Getaways for Grad Students

5 Affordable Weekend Getaways for Grad Students It’s a long weekend, and you don’t want to stay in Logan. So, where are you going to go? You could enjoy a couple days in Salt Lake City. You could shop at City Creek, enjoy some nice hikes, hang out at Red Butte Gardens, watch a Jazz [...]

Popular Logan Eateries

Where to eat in Logan It’s Friday night and you and your fellow graduate students want to get a bite to eat somewhere in town. Where are you going to go? Well, assuming you don’t have to debate too long about whether you want Mexican, Italian or Chinese, here are some great local restaurants that [...]

How to get around in Logan

How to Get Around in Logan Need a lift? No car? No problem! There are many inexpensive or free transportation options in Logan. Whether you're traveling to campus or need a ride to Salt Lake City, here's a guide to help new students get around. Aggie Shuttle The Aggie Shuttle [...]

The top 5 hikes in Logan Canyon

The top 5 hikes in Logan Canyon Hiking is a favorite pastime for many USU Aggies. When the weather finally gets warm and the sun is shining, it’s hard to stay indoors (no matter how fun studying organic chemistry can be). So when you want to venture out into the natural world, here are the top five [...]