Meet the candidates!

Utah State University Student Association elections begin February 27. Below are the candidates running for Graduate Studies Senator. The duty of the graduate senator is to be a liaison between the school of Graduate Studies, Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) Executive Council and USUSA Academic Senate, oversee the Director of Graduate Studies, serve as a member of the USUSA Academic Senate, USUSA Executive Council and University Student Fee Board, and chair the Student Health Advisory Council.

Please familiar yourself with the candidates and their platforms. Then vote at!

Anuj Khasgiwala

Khasgiwala, Anuj (Hi Res)About me:

Hometown: India
Twitter Handle: @anujkhasgiwala
Major(s): Computer Science


My name is Anuj Khasgiwala. I will advocate for increasing funds for graduate research, scholarship, and awards. Improve graduate studies. Build better, more supportive, and vibrant life for graduate students.


  • Master of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
  • Software Developer Java
  • Help in learning new technical skills
  • Indian Student Association Vice President

Goals & Plans:

  • Improve the Teaching assistantship workshop
  • Help in learning new technical skills
  • Become bridge between graduate students, professor and department in any issues
  • Health awareness week
  • Provide all type help required by students at any time

Sam Powell

Powell, Samuel (Hi Res)About me:

Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Major(s): Masters of Human Resources
Minor(s): MBA


I will work to unify all graduate students by creating a simple communication system, promote the scholarship and research funds, and help recruit the next generation of graduate students.


  • I am currently pursuing a Masters of Human Resources/MBA degree.
  • I have experience in business management and operations through running my own business for four years
  • I completed my undergraduate degree in 2013 at USU which gives me the understanding of what the undergraduate experience is like
  • I am competent in working with others in a council setting, growing and developing organizations, and promoting student engagement

Goals & Plans:

  • Bring the graduate students together through better communication between the various schools
  • Promote the graduate studies brand of USU though outreach, recruiting, and better communication
  • Protect and promote the graduate student scholarship and research funds
  • Help grad students integrate better into USU culture by providing social events, collaboration, and events
  • Protect and promote the Jon M Huntsman School brand, and help other colleges attain the same notoriety

Voting opens February 27. Vote online at