The best places for live music in Logan

Greetings and salutations! So, you’ve decided to include Utah State University in the next chapter of your life and it’s time to get settled in Logan. Or, perhaps you’re not committed quite yet and you’re curious about what the surrounding area has to offer. Hopefully, this post can provide a little assistance.

The following is a list of places for live music I wish I had when I landed here.

When I transplanted to Logan a few years back, it was my sole mission — much to the detriment of my studies and employment — to find Logan’s local hubs of music and art. Unfortunately, the search began unfruitfully. Tangible advertisements for music in the area were few and far between. Facebook and Google searches yielded meager results. I once attended what the Internet promised was an evening of excitable music. However, the Internet lied to me — as it is wont to do — and I was lead to an evening of recital-esque reggae music complete with first time ukulele performances, proud parents, and awkward conversations with those proud parents about when the punk bands were showing up.

It’s my wish this won’t happen to you. Despite my rocky beginnings with the local music scene, I can proudly say I’ve been exposed to some sensational music in the area. So, free up some time in your busy schedule and go explore what’s offered!

Why Sound

Owned and operated by veterans of the local music scene, Why Sound is the only independent all-ages music venue in Cache Valley. It’s calendar consistently boasts weekly concerts from supreme local talent like Panthermilk, The Last Lost Continent, and Little Barefoot. (If you’re lucky, you may even witness local punks The Rompstomers knockout some Pixies’ songs.) They also book excellent touring acts like Merit, an Arizona based band focused on the revival of 90s emo, or Bermuda, a crushing deathcore band from southern California with a propensity for Meshuggah-esque riffing. If the aforementioned doesn’t appeal to your tastes, keep in mind Why Sound also regularly schedules various acoustic acts, slam poetry events, and the occasional standup comedy night.

There is something for everyone at Why Sound. Time spent there is time well spent — scout’s honor. (Disclaimer: I was never a boy scout.)

Click here for more information about Why Sound.

Ellen Eccles Theatre

The Ellen Eccles Theatre — and the various theaters associated with it — is the hub for those with a taste for more classical art forms. The theatre is owned by the City of Logan and is operated by the Cache Valley Center for the Arts, a local non-profit organization. Jazz, opera, and classical music is frequently showcased here along with ballet performances and musical theater productions.
For those who are planning to spend their summer here in Logan, the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre may be just the summer event to schedule into your plans. This summer’s festival features several musicals including Ragtime, Show Boat, and Peter Pan. (Logan’s opera and musical champion Michael Ballam is playing Captain Hook. Woo!) The festival will also have classical performances and much more. Additionally, students with a valid student ID get 25% off ticket prices. How much more fun can you ask for, right? 

Click here for the theatre’s calendar and additional information.

Caffe Ibis

What better way to spend a Saturday morning than sipping a fine cup of coffee and listening to bluegrass? In all fairness, Caffe Ibis doesn’t always showcase live bluegrass every Saturday but it has some form of light-hearted, live acoustic music scheduled on a weekly basis. Aside from live music, the caffe often has local art showings which can also be a real treat.

You’ll find Caffe Ibis all over Logan. Officially formed in 1985 as Straw Ibis Market and Cafe, it evolved into Caffe Ibis as it is known today — a local’s gleaming staple, gently nestled in on Federal Avenue. Aside from it’s espresso bar and live music, breakfast and lunch menus are available via its very own deli.

(Friendly tip: Bring cash and don’t anticipate the presence of a WIFI connection.)

Jack’s Wood Fired Oven

For local music and local food, check out Jack’s Wood Fired Oven. The local ingredients include raw honey from a family owned farm just minutes away, hand-crafted cheeses from Rockhill Creamery, artisan bread from Crumb Brothers, grass-fed beef from Appenzell Farm, and locally milled flour just blocks away at Central Milling.  Logan may be small, but there is fair amount of delicious local food. And while you enjoy some incredible pizza, you can also listen to some local bands every Friday and Saturday evening.  Check out Jack’s Wood Fired Oven Facebook page to see who’s playing.

Canyon Jams Concert Series

On Saturday nights Stokes Nature Center, which is just a brisk walk up the river trail in Logan Canyon, hosts The Canyon Jams Concert Series. Listen to some bluegrass tunes next to the river in the evening, and the $10 admission fee goes to support nature education.

Extra Credit

Keep an eye on Sultans’ Tavern on south Main Street in Logan for local music acts.

Also, go like The Shark Tank on Facebook and be on the look out for local bands playing there. Shows don’t seem to happen there too frequently but when they do, it could be worth your while.

Keep in mind you’re only a mere hour and 20 minutes from Salt Lake City and 45 minutes from Ogden, where good stuff is happening daily and nightly.