School of Graduate Studies

Health and Wellness

  • Student Health Services: At Student Health Services, a full team of qualified, caring doctors and staff offer quality men’s and women’s health services, a full service pharmacy, and physical therapy free to students. The department also offers help with family planning and nutritional advice, and houses the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information office. Schedule an appointment to meet with them.
  • Disability Center: The mission of the Disability Resource Center (DRC) is to provide qualified persons with disabilities equal access to University programs, services, and activities. The student handbook is a valuable source of information for students and their families.
  • Val R. Christensen Service Center: “In 1970, when many students around the country were involved in the Vietnam War protest movement, Utah State University students chose to display their concern about America in a positive way.” Today, the result of that concern is shown in the success of the Val. R. Christensen Service Center. There are several clubs and organizations that fall under the umbrella of the Service Center – students can participate in anything from Friends of the Elderly to Special Olympics. Make a difference with your spare time; you can even track your hours for resumes and applications with the “Aggies Giving Service” Program.