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Discover how scholars at the School of Graduate Studies live more at the School of Graduate Studies.

Below is a brief overview of what was covered and the resources that were given at Student Orientation. To view the orientation presentation, download the presentation or watch the video with the audio below.


New Student Quiz

 Student Orientation Videos

The Aggie Lifestyle

USU and Logan support your lifestyle by providing free transportation options, diversity, outdoor fun and safety that allows you to live more your way.


Immersive Degree

Assistantships, faculty relationships and mentorships are great ways to start getting involved in your field. Be sure to contact your department to see how to get involved.


Value Added Opportunities

The School of Graduate Studies strives to add value to your degree by offering grant training, professional development, and travel funding where you can connect with others in your field.


Effective Results

Everything comes together, so you see results. All your graduate experiences with fellow students, friends, family and faculty; all of your trainings, professional development and mentorship; all of your hard work comes together, so you can see the result you came to graduate school for.

Download Orientation Presentation