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Additional Forms

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Admission Justification Form

Admission Justification Form (pdf)

Use this form to request a waiver of one or two School of Graduate Studies (SGS) admission requirements. Waiver of a single requirement will be processed entirely within SGS. Waiver of two requirements will require the approval of the college dean.

Application for Leave of Absence or Continuous Registration

Application for Leave of Absence or Continuous Registration (pdf)

Use this form when you will not be registering for a spring or fall semester during your program of study. Work with your department to complete this form.

If you are an international student please contact an advisor in the Office of Global Engagement before filling out this form.

Concurrent Degrees Form

        Concurrent Degree Fillable Form (pdf)

       Use this form to begin taking credits toward a second degree while completing your current degree program.

       Due: Before the end of your second semester in your current degree program.

Degree Advancement

Degree Advancement (pdf)

Use this form to advance to the next degree level without submitting a new admissions application. 

Early Commencement

Early Commencement(pdf)

Master’s (Plan A or Plan B) and Doctoral students may use this form to request permission to participate in commencement before completing all degree requirements. This is most commonly used if a student will complete degree requirements during the summer following commencement and will not able to return to Logan to participate in commencement the following spring.

Timing: Deadlines for having your name in the commencement program and for participating in commencement (name not in program) are posted each winter on the SGS web site under ‘Earning Your Degree’, ‘Commencement’, ‘Participation Requirements.'  


Readmission (2-5 yrs)

          Readmission Fillable Form (pdf)

          Use this form if you have not registered for more than two years and and no more than five years. After the form has the required signatures your Banner account will be reactivated and you will be able to register for classes. If you had an approved Leave of Absence for the entire time that you were not registered then you do not need to submit this form, but you may need to contact Joan Rudd in the School of Graduate Studies so that your Banner account can be reactivated.

          Note: Approval of this form does not waive any continuous registration fees that you may owe.

          Note: If you have not registered for more than five years you must submit a new application to the School of Graduate Studies.

Reduced Course Load

Reduced Course Load (pdf)

International students should use this form to obtain approval to take less than a full course load. This form resides on the Office of Global Engagement website. If you have questions about this form, or if you have trouble accessing the form, please contact the Office of Global Engagement.

Due: At least 2 weeks or 10 working days before the defense

Signatures needed: Student, Graduate School, Office of Global Engagement

Split Form

Split Form (pdf)

Use this form as an undergraduate or concurrent student to split out graduate level courses for use in a future graduate degree.

Student Advisor Expectations

Student Advisor Expectations (pdf)

This form is designed to help students and advisers understand what they should expect of each other. It can also point the student towards some of the resources available to them.

Thesis/Dissertation Embargo

          Thesis/Dissertation Embargo (PDF)

          USU is committed to the open dissemination of knowledge and thus requires that theses and dissertations be submitted to UMI/ProQuest and to DigitalCommons@USU. In rare cases, the document may be embargoed for five years after graduation, with an option to extend the embargo indefinitely. Embargo of a thesis or dissertation must be approved by the adviser, the department head, and the Dean of Graduate Studies.

          Use this form to restrict electronic release of your thesis or dissertation.

Transfer Request

Transfer Request (pdf)

Use this form when you change to a different degree.

WRGP Application for Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

             WRGP Application for Non-Resident Tuition Waiver

             Use this form to apply for the Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) Non-Resident Tuition Waiver. Information about the WRGP is available at

             Due: Each Semester, at least five days prior to the start of classes.

            Signatures needed: Student, Department Head, Graduate Dean


*Please be sure to download the fillable PDFs, fill in your information, save your completed form and then submit the form. The fillable forms will not work correctly in your computer's PDF preview screens.