School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Recruitment 2013-14

Matching Funds for STEM Graduate Recruitment:
Travel Funds and "Seal the Deal" Funds
FY2014 Recruiting Season


On campus visits are a critical mechanism to secure a commitment to USU from highly valued prospective graduate students. This program is supported by one-time funds that were provided by the State Legislature to enhance PhD programs in STEM research fields, and must be used to match other funds in the unit to help departments improve their success in attracting new graduate students through on campus visits and other special considerations (Seal-the-Deal funds).

STEM @ USU – At Utah State University, we define the STEM degrees as those encompassed in the colleges of Science, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Education. Though components of some degrees in some traditionally non-STEM colleges may focus on teaching STEM fundamentals, for this competition we have remained focused on a college level distinction as noted above.


At anytime during the FY2014 recruiting year, eligible departments can request funds to bring prospective graduate students to Utah State University for a pre-admission visit, or to provide an extra incentive to convince prospective graduate students to choose USU over some other institution (Seal-the-Deal funds). Any requested funds must be matched 1:1 by the department.

Departments must have specific individuals in mind for travel or Seal-the-Deal funds. Once the RGS Office has agreed to assist with funding, reimbursements will be made for up to 50% of the documented costs. RGS travel funds may be used to support travel or lodging costs.

The pool of funds for this purpose is at a minimum $50,000.

Proposal Process - Travel

Applications (pdf format) should be sent to Dr. Jeff Broadbent ( There is no deadline for applications, however applications will be reviewed on the first and third Friday of each month. (application template below)

Proposal Process – “Seal-the-Deal” funds

‘Seal-the-Deal’ funds are available to entice commitments to USU from highly sought after graduate students. Appropriate uses of these funds include purchasing books, supporting travel to a national conference, or participation in prestigious professional workshops. Funds will only be allocated to the unit upon successful enrollment of the student of interest.

Because the pool of funds for this program is quite limited ($25,000) Department Heads interested in access these funds should contact Dr. Jeff Broadbent directly (797-1199;

RPFs and applications for one-time funds are available here.