School of Graduate Studies

Participation and Completion Requirements

Spring 2015 Participation

To have your name in the commencement program and to participate in commencement, the following must be done by April 3, 2015:

  • The graduate information checklist must be completed and submitted to the School of Graduate Studies. Plans A, B, and doctoral students will receive the link to the graduation information checklist at their final defense. Professional students will receive this link via email upon notification to the School of Graduate Studies from the department that the student will be completing during the current semester.

  • Plans A, B, and doctoral students: Students must have had a successful defense, and the signed Record of Examination form indicating such must be returned to the the School of Graduate Studies.

  • Professional students: Notify your department of the semester you will be completing. 

If the steps outlined above are completed after April 3 but before April 24, you may still participate in commencement, but your name will not appear in the commencement program until May 2016.

Spring 2015 Degrees

Degrees will be posted as spring completions for the following:

  • Plan A and doctoral students whose theses or dissertations are taken to the library for binding and return their binding receipt to the Graduate School Office by May 1.

  • Plan B students whose project is taken to the library and binding receipt returned to the School of Graduate Studies by May 1.

  • Professional students who finish coursework this semester and whose department submits a letter of completion by May 1.

Click here to view the degree completion deadlines for upcoming semesters.