Faculty Senate and advises the dean of the School of Graduate Studies on exceptions or adjustments to policy.

Member Representing End of Term
Abby Benninghoff Agriculture 2018
Kathy Puzey Arts 2018
Konrad Lee Business 2018
Troy Beckert Education 2018
 David Geller Engineering  2019
Rick Krannich Humanities 2018
Johan Du Toit Natural Resources 2018
Michelle Baker Science 2019
Lisa Gabbert Faculty Senate 2018
Todd Welch Library  2019
Mark McLellan School of Graduate Studies Chair
Anuj Khasigiwala

Christina Watts

USUSA Graduate Senator,
USUSA Director of Research,
USUSA Director of Graduate Campus Affairs
Scott Bates School of Graduate Studies
Jeff Broadbent School of Graduate Studies
Richard Inouye School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Council Schedule

Graduate Council Meetings Schedule for 2017-2018.                     

Date Time Location Agenda Items Due by 5 p.m.
Sep. 13 3 p.m. Main 164J Sep. 7
Oct. 11 3 p.m. Main 164J Oct. 5
Nov. 8 3 p.m. Main 164J Nov. 2
Jan. 10 3 p.m. Main 164J Jan. 4
Feb. 14 3 p.m. Main 164J Feb. 8
Mar. 14 3 p.m. Main 164J Mar. 8
Apr. 11 3 p.m. Main 164J Apr. 5

A meeting will be held on December 13 only if there are urgent items needing to be addressed.

Graduate Council Meeting Minutes