Living in Logan

New to Logan? Getting accustomed to a new place can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where to start. We’ve compiled information incoming graduate students may want and need to know as they begin a new life chapter in Cache Valley.

The importance of being involved!

The importance of being involved! On March 3, Anuj Khasgiwala sat in the Sunburst Lounge of the Taggart Student Center and listened as the 2017-2018 Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) elected officials were announced. [...]

March 9th, 2017|

Valentine’s Day, what do you love?

Valentine's Day, what do you love? It’s February, the month of love. Valentines and roses have been staring at us from every cash register we’ve encountered since New Year’s. You may have noticed a Valentine’s [...]

February 9th, 2017|

Housing in Logan

Housing in Logan Need a place to stay? Logan has plenty of options for you. Stay close to the hub of student life with on-campus housing, or spread out to one of the various properties around Logan. [...]

February 7th, 2017|

Holiday activities

Holiday Activities So, the holiday season is finally upon us. Cue the Christmas music, eggnog, lights - lots and lots of lights-, the smell of pine trees and needles, the incessantly happy people or the [...]

December 12th, 2016|

Spooky sprits and local haunts!

Spooky sprits and local haunts! The month of October isn’t just about plastering your life with pumpkin spice. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the season for ghosts, goblins, sprites and spooks. Luckily, Logan [...]

October 28th, 2016|

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