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In 1990, Dr. Lee Foote received his PhD in Ecology from Utah State University. Now 26-years later, Foote returned to Logan on Jan. 20 to present on his book, Oral Exams: Preparing For and Passing Candidacy, Qualifying, and Graduate Defenses.

Read about and watch his presentation[...]

‘Things are connected:’ PDRF studies broad impacts of climate change

It’s the interconnectedness of species and environments that captures the attention of ecologist and outdoor enthusiast Ryan Choi. The Presidential Research Fellow at Utah State University finds excitement in the understanding of how things interact with one another, and how systems work together.

Ryan likens the idea […]

VP for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

This workshop is tailored to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows seeking a beginner’s course on writing grant proposals. Taught by the highly-reputable external grant writing training company, Grant Writers’ Seminars & Workshops, LLC, this seminar is a modification of the advanced Write Winning Grant Proposals seminar. The pace of this seminar is slower and more basic material […]

Associate VP for Research and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Associate VP for Research and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

Coordinator of Programs

TA Training helps students who will be teaching prepare for their course and inspire and cultivate their classes. This workshop is required for graduate students who have been awarded or are pursuing a teaching assistantship.
ITLS 7920 is mandatory for all teaching assistants. Students must be registered before their funding will be processed. To register, email […]

Thesis/dissertation format workshops are held several times during the school year. During the sessions, the assistant dean of the School of Graduate Studies provides a thorough survey of USU format requirements and guidelines, as well as journal and other departmental format options. He also […]

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