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A message from the Graduate Studies Senator

A message from the Graduate Studies Senator What does the Graduate Studies Senator do? The duty of the graduate senator is to be a liaison between the school of Graduate Studies, Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) Executive Council and USUSA Academic Senate, oversee the Director of Graduate Studies, serve as a member of the [...]

Graduate School New Year’s Resolutions

Graduate School New Year's Resolutions It's January! The time for new beginnings. So, what are your goals for the year? Maybe you've decided to get more sleep, spend more time with your loved ones, eat more healthily or save money. All of these are admirable goals, but we have a few recommendations ourselves. [...]

Holiday activities

Holiday Activities So, the holiday season is finally upon us. Cue the Christmas music, eggnog, lights - lots and lots of lights-, the smell of pine trees and needles, the incessantly happy people or the occasional scrooge which finds its way to Cache Valley. Aside from reading this blog post and seeking (or avoiding) everything [...]

Mikey Kettinger: Interactive artist

Mikey Kettinger: Interactive artist USU graduate student, Mikey Kettinger does not view art the same way most artists do. To him, art is not about making money or showing your personal talents, but it’s about creating something that can impact the community. One of Kettinger’s most well received projects at Utah State was Gifts From [...]

Thesis/Dissertation Workshop RSVP

Register below for the Thesis/Dissertation Workshop Online Form - Thesis/Dissertation Workshop Registration

Spooky sprits and local haunts!

Spooky sprits and local haunts! The month of October isn’t just about plastering your life with pumpkin spice. With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the season for ghosts, goblins, sprites and spooks. Luckily, Logan has a rich history of all things that go bump in the night and Utah State University folklorists have been [...]

Dealing with Domestic Violence: How a USU Alumna Helps Children Find Healing

Dealing with Domestic Violence: How a USU Alumna Helps Children Find Healing The United States Justice Department estimates 1 in 15 children are exposed to domestic violence each year, and USU alumnus, Catherine Jurado, knows exactly what witnessing this violence does to children. Jurado began working on her master’s degree in social work in 2008, [...]

Giving back to the community

Giving back to the community Scholars Live More – It’s more than a saying or a nicely worded phrase. It’s a way of life for thousands of graduate students at Utah State University, and part of living more is giving more, serving more, being more invested in the world around you. Aggies know this, and [...]

What is a GPC?

What do GPC's do, and why should you care? Navigating the twists and turns of your graduate school experience can be complicated. Not a shocking statement — I know.  Keeping up with deadlines, sorting through the myriad of paperwork, and knowing how to use the resources at your disposal can be tricky. Graduate Program [...]

Academic & Technology Resources

Academic and Technology Resources Knowing about these resources will make your life easier and more organized! The Library... Duh Of course the Library is one of the best resources on campus, even if you don't get your information from books. Our librarians are some of the nicest people and they have [...]