A message from the Graduate Studies Senator

What does the Graduate Studies Senator do?

The duty of the graduate senator is to be a liaison between the school of Graduate Studies, Utah State University Student Association (USUSA) Executive Council and USUSA Academic Senate, oversee the Director of Graduate Studies, serve as a member of the USUSA Academic Senate, USUSA Executive Council and University Student Fee Board, and chair the Student Health Advisory Council.

With this in mind, here’s what current Graduate Studies Senator, Ty Aller, wants you to know about his position and USUSA at large.


As your graduate student representatives, we have established the graduate student council to better help represent each of you. This council consists of a representative from each college that works directly with the Graduate Studies Senator to facilitate change. The following list details each of your college representatives, feel free to shoot them an email!:


The USUSA elections are quickly approaching meaning a new Graduate Studies Senator will soon be elected. This position provides you an opportunity to collaborate with fellow students and administrators to facilitate change at our university. Recent accomplishments of graduate student representation have included redefining the graduate student council, refining the Graduate Research and Collaborative Opportunities grant (GRCO), refining the Graduate Enhancement Award, working to improve the teaching assistant course and coordinating the annual Mental Health is No Joke week at USU. This position also comes with a scholarship and monthly stipend. If you are interested in running for election, please email Ty at gradsenator.ususa@usu.edu and check out the elections packet here.


Graduate students at USU have the opportunity to apply for funding through the Student Involvement and Leadership Center located on the third floor of the TSC. These opportunities are: 1) the GRCO grant and 2) the Graduate Enhancement Award. The Graduate Enhancement Award applications will open on January 15th, 2017 and will be due on February 15th, 2017. More information related to these awards can be found here.

Ty Aller | Graduate Studies Senator | Gradsenator.ususa@usu.edu
Christina Watts | Graduate Studies Director | Graddirector.ususa@usu.edu