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Finding your niche at USU

Finding your niche at USU It can be hard to balance the workload of research, teaching, sleep, nutrition and still find time for a social [...]

School, work, family: a USU alumnus reflects back on balancing it all

School, work, family: a USU alumnus reflects back on balancing it all David Garrett is a Utah State University alumnus. In 2011, he graduated with [...]

Student Resources

Student Resources At Utah State University, we care about every aspect of our students lives. We care about their social, emotional and psychological [...]

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Student Spotlight


Leslie Forero

Leslie Forero is wild about mushrooms. And that makes sense, considering she studies what is beneath our feet: plant and soil feedbacks.

When she’s not collecting samples in the field, she enjoys looking for mushrooms. In fact, she’s a member of the Utah Mushroom Society and is hoping to find a place in the Bridgerland Microbiology Society.

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