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March 30, 2012

Password Tip

It’s more important than ever to come up with intricate passwords. A hacker with a fast computer can crack a four-number code in tenth of a second. An eight-number code takes a bit longer to break, but still under two minutes. However, change that eight-number code to letters, numbers and punctuation marks, and a hacker will need 210 years. For a 12-character code like that, 17 million years. Of course, making a code harder to break makes it tougher to remember, and you don’t have 210 years to spare when you’re trying to check your balance or log on to an Internet account. One trick is to come up with a phrase you won’t forget and use just the first letter of each work with punctuation and numbers sprinkled in. -The Kiplinger Letter (Vol. 89, No. 8)