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March 29, 2012

Guidelines for Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

In order to effectively manage USU’s competitiveness for external research funding, the Proposal Development division and the Office of Research and Graduate Studies has established a set of guidelines for selecting proposal(s) that will be submitted in response to limited submission funding opportunities.

“There are a growing number of funding opportunities where agencies restrict how many applications an institution can submit,” said Jerilyn Hansen, manager of proposal development. “In order to maintain USU’s eligibility to apply to these limited submission programs, faculty researchers interested in preparing an application to one of these opportunities are required to complete a limited submission letter of intent and participate in an internal selection process first before proceeding with work on a full proposal.”

The danger of not adequately managing the submissions to these programs is that if a funding agency receives more than the allowable number of applications from an institution, it can reject all of them. This would eliminate all the faculty researchers who spent time preparing proposals, as well as USU, from funding consideration.

“While Proposal Development is constantly on the lookout for limited submission programs, we can’t possibly catch them all,” said Hansen. “We need faculty assistance to be able to fully manage available opportunities. It is very important for faculty who become aware of a limited submission program that isn't already listed on the Proposal Development site to contact me as soon as possible so the funding opportunity can be openly announced and the submissions from USU managed in an appropriate and timely manner,” said Hansen. “The sooner Proposal Development learns about limited submission opportunities, the sooner it can conduct the internal selection process, and the sooner the approved applicants can begin work on their proposals.”

If Proposal Development receives more letters of intent for applications than USU is allowed to submit for a particular opportunity, the Office of Research and Graduate Studies will form an internal review committee of faculty members who have expertise in the program’s subject area to evaluate the pre-proposals submitted during the internal selection process and recommend USU’s applicants. The criteria used for evaluating the pre-proposals will reflect the criteria stated in the program announcement. Faculty should clearly address the sponsor’s objectives and funding criteria, including how cost-share requirements will be met (if applicable).

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies will evaluate the recommendations of the internal review committee and make a final decision on the proposal(s) to be green-lighted for submission to the sponsor.

To view the full set of guidelines for limited submission funding opportunities, a calendar of current and upcoming limited submission opportunities, and download the letter of intent form, please visit

- Nadiah Johari