In their words:

Here’s what some of Peak and Gast’s research participants said about challenges of keeping themselves and their families healthy:

“Some of the things we should do that I try, is to exercise, eat as healthy as possible, I try to keep my heart clean, eat less grease … but a lot of times we don’t do anything; we just go on.”

“I think that we just need to hear it more. We all know, and we want to do better, but then we don’t. But the more we hear it, the more we are reminded, and then eventually, you know, I hope, or maybe … we will really start to make changes.”

“You know, I have to think realistically. And if my son has a pain or something wrong, I have to consider an alternative. I can’t take him to the hospital, it’s better that I just give him Motrin, or something else; it might not be the best way, but that’s the way it is.”