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Gobbling up Cancer

Turkeys are most well-known as the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner.  In the future, however, could their fame come from their contribution to the fight against human cancer?  USU researcher Roger Coulombe thinks so. At the 8,436 turkey farms in the United States, America’s favorite native bird is incredibly susceptible to [...]

Hope for homeowners

“Most people have the goal of home ownership,” said Camille Pedersen, a recent USU master’s graduate from the Department of Family, Consumer, and Human Development.  “There’s something special about having a place to call your own and knowing that it’s yours.” That’s why Pedersen has been working to understand why [...]

Homework: Change the world

While most college juniors are attending parties and sporting events in their free time, others are aiming to change the world. Such is the case with Utah State University junior Uyen Lam who is currently studying a method to kill cancer cells both in humans and agricultural animals. With faculty [...]

About USU’s Ecology Center

The Ecology Center was founded in the late 1960s as a means of coordinating USU's research efforts on a large project funded by the National Science Foundation. Today, it continues to coordinate campus-wide ecological studies by integrating the research efforts of faculty, staff, and students in departments across three colleges at USU. The Ecology [...]

Keeping Tabs on the World

Sometimes, the tiniest transactions can have incredible consequences. This is especially true of the earth’s ecology, an intricate fabric consisting of billions of organisms interacting with one another and with the planet’s environment. When ever-changing human habits–driving cars, harvesting lumber, building cities and suburbs–are thrown into the mix, the [...]

USTAR at Utah State University

USTAR (Utah Science, Technology and Research) is a new initiative passed by the Utah legislature in 2006 that will provide long-term economic benefits for the state. USTAR is designed to help Utah keep pace in scientific research and technological advancement. These efforts will directly translate to a stronger economy, high-paying jobs, increased tax revenue [...]

The Future of Biofuels

Time to park your car – permanently. And air conditioning for your home? Forget it.  The world’s fossil fuel resources are completely exhausted. Oil fields are dry, coal mines are stripped, and skyrocketing demand for natural gas has made it a luxury only the super-rich can afford. In a future [...]

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