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Getting Her Hands Dirty for Research

by Kinsey Love Improving an orphanage in Mexico takes a little engineering know-how--and a lot of dirt. Pungent odors and standing, contaminated water used to be the norm for the back yard of the orphanage for handicapped children in , Mexico. The standing water, which pooled from the orphanage’s washing machines, [...]

A Notable Anniversary

Utah State is home to one of the earliest undergraduate research efforts in the nation, second only to MIT. In 1975, the USU Undergraduate Research Program began when President Glen L. Taggart implemented his vision for Undergraduate Research and Creative Opportunities grants. Today, 35 years later, URCO grants still give undergraduate students the opportunity to [...]

Fear Itself: Understanding Why We’re Afraid of Crime

by Anna McEntire USU grad student finds that even small cues can heighten a person's anxiety of being victimized. A rundown building. A tipped-over trash can. An abandoned car. Unappealing neighborhood characteristics may not be able to pull a gun on you, but a graffiti-tagged wall may be more damaging to [...]

The Science of Shame

In her master’s thesis and doctoral dissertation, Dansie has examined another powerful emotion: shame. “There is a general sentiment that saying sorry isn’t enough; you have to be sorry,” said Dansie. “And there are cues that people give in their body language that suggest whether they are apologizing out of real shame or simply guilt.” [...]

Portrait of a Researcher

Dansie, a native of East Carbon, Utah, earned her bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in biology at Southern Utah University. While there, she participated in undergraduate research, and was looking for more research opportunities for her graduate work. “As an undergraduate, I became very interested in research on emotions, and I found that [...]

Solar Storms: A Communication Problem

by Jacoba Poppleton The same atmosphere disturbances that create the northern lights can also cause havoc for high-frequency radio. Electrical storms in the ionosphere, the uppermost portion of the atmosphere, can have significant and detrimental effects on the systems most people depend on each day. It isn’t just the big dogs—the [...]

Polar Flights and Space Weather

The Global Assimilation of the Ionospheric Measurements model and other technologies being developed by the Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences and the USTAR Space Weather Center will have impacts beyond radio and satellite communications. Using space weather technology to forecast solar storms, airplanes can fly over the Earth’s polar regions and maintain [...]

Carbon Footprints in the Soil

by Kinsey Love USU research examines forest ecosystems--from the ground up. Forests are in constant change: new trees growing, old trees dying, flowers blooming, leaves falling. Although barely perceptible to the human eye, these changes happen at a slow but steady rate. Surprisingly, some of the most important change that happens [...]

Dirt: The Foundation of Our National Parks

National parks are home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world: sweeping ranges with gaping gorges, soaring peaks, lush forests, and colorful red rock. Though each national park is unique in its own beauty, they all have one element in common—dirt. The soil in Rocky Mountain, Glacier, and Teton National [...]

Soap Opera: For Your Health

by Jacoba Poppleton How teaching Latino men's health education through fictional drama can take the real drama out of health care. Negotiating the healthcare system is a difficult task: understanding medical jargon and figuring out what medical problems are serious and need attention and which can be safely ignored can be [...]