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Annual Report 2012
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Letter from Mark McLellan
Mark McLellan

It has been another banner year for Utah State faculty as we again reached over $200 million in new grants and contracts and outpaced many of our peers in research growth. I was invited to come here to Utah State by President Stan Albrecht to join a dynamic, hungry university -- full of excitement, pride of accomplishment and vision for the future. I have not been disappointed in my choice!

When I made the move from a very large SEC school to USU, I wondered what my future held. I can tell you that riding this big blue bull has been a whirlwind – not without its challenges but full of joy and achievement. And Aggie football – as good as it gets! In my first year, I have seen our USU faculty bring home significant grants and contracts and setting a leadership pace for the state. As lead on the $20 million State of Utah EPSCoR grant from the National Science Foundation, our faculty are rallying fellow researchers and teachers across the state. Our partners include the University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Salt Lake Community College and others to shed light on the growing challenge of water management up and down the dry Wasatch front. We also welcomed a new $15 million Dept. of Education grant in early childhood development.

Utah State University is on track for a major initiative to increase our graduate training to produce more highly trained students ready to serve Utah’s growing information and high- tech economy. This effort means new commitments by our faculty to seek external support and an expanded effort from administration for doctoral program support. Additionally, USU has recently launched the USU Presidential Doctoral Research Fellows program. These four-year fellowships offer competitive funding and training to attract the best graduates in the country and the world to USU!

As we celebrate the end of our first capital campaign, attracting over a half billion dollars in donations and support, our future as a world-class research institution is well positioned. And as Utah’s land grant university, we are intent on bringing this world-class experience to our regional campuses in Brigham City, Price and Vernal, as well as every county of Utah.

This has been a year of success and growth ... fully a year of “wow”! Thank you for welcoming us to this great state and allowing me to be a part of a vibrant place of teaching, a world-class place of research, and a citizen’s university dedicated to making a difference in Utah --- city by city, county by county and student by student.

Mark R. McLellan
Vice President for Research and
Dean of the School of Graduate Studies Utah State University

Old Main

Location: Logan, Utah

Regional Campuses: 4

Comprehensive Regional College: 1 (USU-Eastern)

Undergraduate Degrees: 168

Graduate Degrees: 142

USU is...
a land-grant university
established in 1888
Research university
(high research activity), according
to the Carnegie Foundation
the 2nd oldest
undergraduate research
program in the nation.
in the Top Ten
Research funding for Western
land-grant institutions.
USU has...
Chart of Employees

Sponsored Programs facilitates university research by processing proposals, conducting negotiations, helping researchers find and obtain funding and playing an important role in contract administration.

Kevin Peterson
Executive director of
Sponsored Programs
Kevin Peterson
Green Arrow
49 over
Green Arrow
88 over
Proposals reviewed by
each administrator (appx.)
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External Awards
Chart of External Awards
Icon Money
College Awards
Chart of College Awards

Proposal Development is dedicated to expanding externally funded research at Utah State University through management of the proposal development process on strategically important submissions.

Jerilyn Hansen
Director of
Proposal Development
Jerilyn Hansen

Research Development was created this year to enhance USU’s research portfolio by taking a proactive approach to strategically develop research strengths and faculty teams.

Rita Teutonico
Director of Research
Icon Conversation
About the division

Watch Rita Teutonico’s explanation about the mission and functions of Research Development:

Icon Goals
Goals for 2013
  • NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) workshop
  • Restructure new faculty research training to provide year-round contact.
  • Initiate involvement with NSF’s Science and Technology Centers program.
  • Create institutional boilerplate resource for grant proposals.

The School of Graduate Studies serves as the central administrative body that promotes, supports, and reviews graduate education at Utah State University to ensure consistency and excellence in all graduate degree programs.

Jeff Broadbent and
Shelley Lindauer
Associate Deans of Graduate Studies,
Associate Vice Presidents for Research
Jeff Broadbent Shelley Lindauer
Enrolled graduate
student headcount
Percentage graduate students
of all matriculated USU students
24% of all
graduate students
Enrolled doctoral
student headcount
Graduate degrees conferred
Percentage graduate degrees
of all USU degrees
9% of all graduate
Doctoral degrees conferred
Master’s students
Chart of Masters Degrees

This year, USU launched a year-long process that culminated in individualized five-year plans to ensure the vitality of graduate programs in each university department.

See the full report

Selected best practices
  • Recruiting:
    website, social media,
    targeted universities,
  • Mentoring:
    orientations, focus groups,
    career-based curricula,
  • Management:
    faculty involvement,
    internship programs,
    survey data
  • Funding:
    graduate training grants,
    grad instruction,
    external funding
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Theses and dissertations
Image of a Person

A sampling of approved theses and dissertations:

  • Effects of single panel replacement of concrete bridge deck system
  • Late adolescents’ perceptions of a digital generation gap
  • Integrating remote sensing and ecosystem models for terrestrial vegetation analysis
  • Developing global communication skills for technical communicators in the 21st century
  • Sustainable ski resorts in the state of Utah
  • Homesickness and the location of home
  • Implications for brown trout invasion success

Click here for a full list of thesis and dissertation public abstracts.


In FY2012, graduate students receive graduate assistantships totaling $12,802,024, an increase of 4.3% over FY2011.

Graduate Student Admissions
up 10%
from 2011
acceptance rate
Graduate students
accepted to USU
yield rate
Newly enrolled
graduate students
Icon Money
Sources of Funding
Chart of Funding Sources

* E&G (college/department), Sponsored programs (faculty), other (college/departments), F&A (college/department), RCDE

Image of a Awards Ceremony

Professor Tim Gilbertson (Biology) was selected as this year’s Graduate Mentor of the Year. He was recognized at USU’s Research Gala, held during Research Week.

USU’s Graduate and Undergraduate Research programs are designed to increase student engagement in research projects, funding and presentation opportunities.

Scott Bates
Associate Vice President
for Graduate and
Undergraduate Research
Scott Bates
Icon News
New programs

USU’s fellowship program was restructured to focus on attracting top-flight researching doctoral students to campus. Ten students were selected for this year’s cohort.


A summer research grant program was launched in April 2012 to an unprecedented response from undergraduates.

Image Boy
Chart of Undergraduate Fellows
Image of a Girl

Graduate and Undergraduate Research was expanded this year from the former undergraduate research program.

Environmental Health and Safety strives to prevent injury, illnesses, and environmental damage through the recognition, evaluation, and control of potential hazards arising from university activities.

Steve Bilbao
Director, Environmental
Health and Safety
Steve Bilbao
Icon Trash Can
4,893  |  biological waste
41,062 lbs.
hazardous materials (recycled)
125,793 lbs.
hazardous waste
162 lbs.
reduction in radioactive
waste shipped off-site
faculty and staff trained
specialty GIS emergency
building maps created
Agriculture Building

EHS assisted in the transport of thousands of chemicals to the new Ag building in spring 2012.

Brigham City Campus

EHS assisted in clean up and demolition of buildings on the new proposed site of USU-Brigham City.

The Institutional Review Board reviews proposed research involving human participants, educates the university community about human participants research, and oversees compliance issues.

True Rubal
IRB Administrator
True Rubal
Icon Paper

Special Education: an evaluation of plyometric training for improving motor abilities of children with cerebral palsy.

Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning: an experimental study on pedestrian and evacuation procedures of people with disabilities.

Psychology: a study of sexual education histories, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of college students, including an intervention designed to improve and increase knowledge, integrate values with attitudes and behaviors, and increase knowledge, integrate values with attitudes and behaviors, and increase college student efficacy in establishing healthy, value-congruent sexual patterns.

Image AAHRPP Accredidation

In FY2012 the board consisted of:

staff members


services faculty


agriculture faculty


sciences faculty


business faculty


community members


graduate student



The goal of Compliance Assistance is to enhance USU’s culture of research excellence in the areas of compliance, regulatory awareness and research integrity.

Russ Price
Federal Compliance
Russ Price
10 Years of Compliance Assistance

OCA assisted with certifications and accreditations for human subjects research.

Fiscal officers receiving advanced training and certification in SPO admin
Icon Goals
Major Projects
Image of a Class

The program is designed to introduce students and postdoctoral fellows to the responsible conduct and reporting of research.

Students and postdocs trained in Research Scholar programs
Image of Science

OCA helped implement conflict of interest disclosure procedures responsive to recent regulations from the Dept. of Health and Human Services.

Researchers in 14 depts. supported in complying with DHHS COI regulation.

The Division of Research Computing provides high performance computing hardware and software resources to faculty and students at no cost to them.

John Hanks
Research Computing
System Administrator
John Hanks
Chart of Computing Capacity

The Division of Research Computing changed its name from High Performance Computing this year and restructured its leadership to have a dedicated system administrator.

Icon Question
Research questions
Alexander Boldyrev

Alexander Boldyrev asks:

  • How does chemical bonding occur in coronene, isocoronene, and circumcoronene?
Jiming Jin

Jiming Jin asks:

  • What’s an optimal scheme of crop planning for sustainable development and soil utilization?
Robert Spall

Robert Spall asks:

  • How do fluids flow through a confined bank of cylinders?
Icon Goals
Computing users
Chart of Computer Users

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the Animal Welfare Act policies and procedures are followed.

Aaron Olsen
Director, Laboratory Animal
Research Center and
Institutional Animal Care and
Use Committee
Aaron Olsen
AAALAC Accredited since 1985
Icon Paper
29% since 2011
29% since 2011
West Nile virus research-- insights into treatment
West Nile Virus
Increasing oversight for new Veterinary School
Assisting with BSL-3 lab at Innovation Campus
BSL-3 lab
Launching Protis, online submission for protocols